Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Local Stuff You Should Know #12

Punk rock zombies reclaim control of their territory!

Punk rock zombies reclaim control of their territory!With all the hooha on the big 2012 apocalypse scare and people freaking out over the end of the world, AZPunk is here to let you know that we're all going to die. We have difinitive proof that we are all nearing the end of days, because the dead are definitely clawing their way back up through their graves in this state. The weekly spelunking of local shows has unearthed the fact that punk rock is anything but deceased in our broad, dysfunctional little local music scene. Throughout the months of March to May, Arizona old school punk rock is back on track and playing shows all over the place. From National acts like Bad Brains, to classic Arizona Oi like Fatskins, and as always, new local and traveling acts trudging their way to and from SxSW, if there was ever a list of shows that should get you to you grab your friends, gas up the ride, and head out of town for some good ol' punk rock fun times, this is it.
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