Friday, June 5, 2009

Local Stuff You Should Know #4

Pizza, blood, tits & taking care of our own. That's how we roll in AZ.

Local Stuff You Should Know #4Recently, a very good friend of the family, and all-around awesome dude, Danny NSK of North Side Kings tragically lost his house and all of his possessions to an accidental house fire. Miraculously, no people or pets were harmed in the fire, but their lives were complletely devastated. But with his horrible loss, brings and opportunity for you to finally do something selfless for once in your life. If Danny ever entertained you in any sort of way, whether you've thrashed out to a live NSK show, whether you've shared a kindly laugh while he was checking your ID at the door, whether you've wasted any amount of time reading his genius horror movie buff ramblings on his site, or whether you've simply been left speechless after watching him put Danzing in his fucking place, now is your chance to do the right thing and donate any amount you can to help him and his family get back on their feet. One dollar, five dollar, or fifty cents, it doesn't matter. Give back a little during a time when you've just realized that things really aren't as bad as you've thought they've been. Danny has ALWAYS been there for AZPunk, and we'll be damned if AZPunk isn't there for Danny. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts, they've got a rough road ahead of them.
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