Monday, May 31, 2010

AZPunk Pub Crawl Podcast #1

Mikey Wretch sits down with us to talk about his bands' track record, the closing of the Phix, and help drink a bottle of Jameson

Mikey Wretch sits down with us to talk about his bands' track record, the closing of the Phix, and help drink a bottle of JamesonWelcome to the very first attempt at an idea I've had since the early days of AZPunk. Nothing cutting edge, really. Just a couple of dudes siting around a table, and mixing beer, whisky and rum with some chatter about local punk rock happenings. I guess you could say this is our new twist on the old "Featured Bands" segments we used to do, but rather than typing out a bunch of stupid questions for someone to answer, it seemed it would be a cooler idea to ask the stupid questions in person, toss in an unhealthy mixture of alcohol, and just hit record.
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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Local Stuff You Should Know #16

AZPunk's 7th Comp release party, free Comic Con tix, and other awesome shit to cram into your week.

Thrash of the Titans 2 RegistrationIt's been a somber week here at the AZPunk studios (my laptop/a park bench), remebering and celebrating the life of our friend Dishonour Dan. He was a true friend, and he'll be missed deeply by many. Come and help us in raising our collective pints to his memory at the next installment of the traditional AZPunk comps, the Personality Disorder 12" Album Release Party on Tuesday, June 8th at The Rogue Bar in Scottsdale. Westley Allen and Erratic! Radio will be there broadcasting live on KWSS 106.7 FM and tearing it up with The Plainfield Butchers. May Cause Dizziness Records and Johnny Volume will be there with us selling the brand new AZPunk comp 12", featuring 14 local punk rock tracks for $12. Come down for good times, cheap drinks, and the soothing sounds of...
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Monday, May 10, 2010

Daniel "Dishonour Dan" Howard: April 20, 1980 - May 8, 2010

The community loses a true friend.

Can A Punk Get A Friggin Drink Around Here?
It is with a heavy heart that we have to say goodbye to a true AZ punk friend. Daniel "Dishonour Dan" Howard was more than a friend that you would see out at shows, or would talk shit with on the old AZPunk message board. He was part of a family. A family that has spent that last eight years riding the roller coaster of life branded with the title "those AZPunk kids". A brand that from the outside perspective of a jaded and segmented music scene has been viewed as a clique, but for those of us who have spent these awesome eight years together thrashing, drinking and laughing, we know it better as a family. Daniel was a huge part of that family. Daniel has always been a good friend to, lending a hard working hand whenever we needed the extra help, and was always ready to enjoy the good times with good friends at the drop of a hat. We raise our glass to you today, Dishonour Dan. You are sadly missed by many of your AZPunk brothers and sisters. You went much too fast, buddy.
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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thrash of the Titans 2 Registration

Register now for a chance for a spot in this epic battle-of-the-bands sequal!

Thrash of the Titans 2 RegistrationBehold! The second coming of the infamous Thrash of the Titans battle will descend upon the masses towards the end of 2010. In the meantime, there is MUCH for us to accomplish. If you missed the first round of TOTT in December of '07, you missed out on the greatest battle of the bands-type event Arizona has ever seen. I know what you're thinking, "battle of the bands shows are for leprochauns and babies" (I know that's exactly what you're thinking, too). BALDERDASH! This isn't your run-of-the-mill collection of random crappy local bands, desperately seeking relevance and a quick $1000 prize. NO! This is you're complete UN-run-of-the-mill collection of random artists from crappy (j/k) local bands desperately seeking fun times and a quick prize of a personal sense of accomplishment, and maybe even the possibility of creating an entire new band out of nothing! Still sound stupid? Tell that to our last Titan winners, BroLoaf. Three years, 2 EP releases, an upcoming full length album, multiple member swaps and an spot on this year's San Diego's North Park Awesome Fast event, BroLoaf is still raging stronger than they day they first hit a beer bong on stage.
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Monday, May 3, 2010

Local Stuff You Should Know #15

Select Shows (Fucked Up / Goatwhore / X / Bastard Noise)

Guest Writer Josh RodriguezBeing a promoter, I rarely get the opportunity to see a lot of the bands I would like to see, unless I'm working with them that night. Of course, if the situation arises efforts can be made, but that's not something that I would ever want to make habit out of. I've become familiar with forcing myself to believe that I will see them (whatever band it may be) the next time they come around. This is one of the many reasons I've decided to slow down, and to only do shows for bands I like. The older I'm getting the less I want to help out people who I cannot artistically understand. For that, my personal effort(s) to come out to shows or the desire to do shows is decreasing. Some call this "elitism" and other call it "getting old in the scene", but I like to call it what it really is... lack of finances to support music I feel should and could be supported in Arizona. Regardless of what may exist in my bank account, I've come to terms with a couple of things in my life... we are all creatures of habit, and I have an addiction.
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