Friday, June 18, 2010

Recap: AZPunk's Personality Disorder 12" Record Release Party

Celebrating AZPunk's 7th comp on a Tuesday wasn't such a bad idea after all

Can A Punk Get A Friggin Drink Around Here?

It's hard to believe that 7 AZPunk comps have come and gone already. It seems like eons ago when Chris, Bryan and I were frantically trying to gather as much new local punk rock as we could, and cram it all into volume 1. One thing is for sure, AZPunk's collection of compilation albums documents a solid diverse collection of the growth (or diminishment - whichever way you tip on the full/empty meter) of local punk rock in Arizona over the last eight years, and our latest evolved installment, the Personality Disorder 12", although is a complete divorce from the standard template of the old "AZPunk comps" of lore, it doesn't stray from it's delivery of the awesome sounds of some of the bands tearing up pubs and house shows around the Valley today. On Tuesday, June 8th, we celebrated the release of our first record with the help of some of our good friends.
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