Friday, August 28, 2009

Local Stuff You Should Know #6

Shows blow through here like the monsoon rain we wish we could get

Local Stuff You Should Know #6Monsoon season usually sucks balls out here in the desert. We're lied to for several weeks about getting rain that either only finds its way to remote locations of the state, or doesn't even come at all, the temperature jumps 2 degrees every day, and usually the only comfort we have is knowing that we only have to suffer about 2 more months of constant daily "excessive heat warning" reminders. But don't sweat it, bitches!, the beginning of the last 2009 quarter has given us a much better kind of hotness to look forward to. September and October alone will have you braving your oven of a car, and possibly several freeway trips, to check out some of these awesome national/local combo punk shows that will be coming up like Agent Orange, The Accused, J.F.A., D.I., and a hell of a lot more. Check it out!
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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Local Band Charity Softball Tournament To Benefit Toys For Tots

Mantooth Gorup is for the children!

Local Band Charity Softball Tournament To Benefit Toys For TotsLocal band softball tournament is back for a 3rd year. Organizers are hoping to raise more toys than ever before Sunday, November 8, 2009 at Daley Park.

What would be a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon in the fall than playing softball, hanging out with the local music community and most importantly, raising donations for Toys For Tots? The Local Band Charity Softball Tournament is back after a long hideous and is ready for action. On Sunday, November 8th several softball teams consisting of local bands, promoters and fans will take the field in an effort to raise money and toys for the local Toys for Tots chapter.
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Monday, August 17, 2009

Desert Punk Slamboree @ The Sets

This Saturday, 8/22

Desert Punk Slamboree @ The SetsThanks to the non-stop hard work driven punks over at Desert Punk Promotions and AZKaos, this Saturday at the Sets is where you're going to want to be to see a collection of some of Arizona's great punk rock bands.

The Desert Punk Slamboree is a gathering of Arizona's best local talent (The Glass Heroes, Rotten Youth, My Doll, etc) the most dedicated supporters (AZ Kaos), and the most die-hard fans (you). In short, it is THE event showcasing the strength and relevance of the Arizona punk, hardcore, and rock scene. The Desert Punk Slamboree show is a celebration of what all these people have done with the scene and what they will continue to do in the future; create good music and a place and time that people will remember years from now and wish they were there to witness.
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

AZKaos Zine #4 Preview

A quick peek at the latest issue

AZKaos Zine #4 PreviewWelcome to the August edition of AZ Kaos! This month we have a few new writers and, of course, all those overly opinionated old writers that drink and bitch far too much.

The summer has been quite the busy one around here (and hot as fuck) but it's not over yet. There are still plenty of awesome bands with shows coming up and, of course, plenty to do if you just get out of the house. Now onto AZK stuff - we've been running around like mad for a while now, but are constantly amazed at how much help we've been given or offered from everyone out there! We really couldn't keep this running if not for all of you out there!
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