Friday, March 26, 2010

Local Stuff You Should Know #13

Too much radical to write about on a Friday afternoon

Local Stuff You Should Know 13
We wanted to send out a HUGE thanks to Sarah Ventre and the whole Blaze 1330AM team for inviting us over the guest DJ the radio show this last Tuesday. Unfortunately, if you missed it, you're pretty much in the same boat as us being s.o.l., because their computer fried destroying all of the recordings of that day, so no MP3 copy for us. Wah wah :/. That does, however, mean you're off the hook for not listening. But if you did happen to tune in, you would have heard us play some killer local punk rock, and talk a little bit about some of the pretty cool things AZPunk has in store for 2010...
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Friday, March 19, 2010

Can A Punk Get A Friggin Drink Around Here?

An (expanding) list of local punk-friendly bars and pubs

Can A Punk Get A Friggin Drink Around Here?
Many moons (and roughly 3500 gallons of alcohol ago), I had this idea for AZPunk. It was to make a list of all of the punk-friendly bars I could find throughout the state, and start a re-occurring segment called the "AZPunk Pub Crawl", where we would travel to one of these listed bars with a local band, kick back with a trough of drinks, and just bullshit about local music and whatever else a trough of drinks happens brings about. Each segment would feature a different bar, and a different local band. Kind of like an upgrade to the "Featured Bands" of AZPunk lore. Well, that idea never really got much further than the inside of my skull, but it did get me off my ass to start making a list of the right bars and pubs you should be supporting all throughout Arizona...
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Local Stuff You Should Know #12

Punk rock zombies reclaim control of their territory!

Punk rock zombies reclaim control of their territory!With all the hooha on the big 2012 apocalypse scare and people freaking out over the end of the world, AZPunk is here to let you know that we're all going to die. We have difinitive proof that we are all nearing the end of days, because the dead are definitely clawing their way back up through their graves in this state. The weekly spelunking of local shows has unearthed the fact that punk rock is anything but deceased in our broad, dysfunctional little local music scene. Throughout the months of March to May, Arizona old school punk rock is back on track and playing shows all over the place. From National acts like Bad Brains, to classic Arizona Oi like Fatskins, and as always, new local and traveling acts trudging their way to and from SxSW, if there was ever a list of shows that should get you to you grab your friends, gas up the ride, and head out of town for some good ol' punk rock fun times, this is it.
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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Facebook: Connected!

Comment on articles and shows via Facebook

Facebook: Connected!I've been noticing on some of the design websites and blogs that I frequent, webmasters have enabled the ability for visitors to connect via social networks likeFacebook. Well, after a little mining and pillaging on the good ol' innerwebs, I found out how. It's pretty simple, actually. So we're gonna test drive this Facebook comment thing for a bit and see how it all works out for the time being. So go ahead, sign in via your Facebook profile, and comment away on any of the articles or show postings. Like I've said before, AZPunk is a social web experiment, so we're always testing out new gadgets and web shits. If something doesn't work, or you have any ideas or desire to help out, hit us up. In the meantime, this seems like as good of a place as any to start!
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Friday, March 12, 2010

AZPX Records JFA/Dephinger Apache Split 7"

Bringin the shred to the Rez, and a record to a lucky winner

AZPX Records JFA/Dephinger Apache Split 7inFor eight years, AZPX Skateboards has been thrashing across the desert from border to boarder spreading the gospel according to griptape. AZPX Owner, Rob Locker - the brains behind the board, is continuing his mission on Saturday, March 27 at San Carlos Apache Boys & Girls Club Skatepark with AZPX's 5th Annual Apache Skate Blast and JFA/Dephinger Apache Split Release Show. This day-long skateboarding competition will complete with a good ol' fashioned Rez punk party featuring JFA, Dephinger and some of their friends celebrating the new Apache Split record. I sat down with Rob over the innernets to ask him some hard hitting questions about the record, geriatric skating and when the hell I'm gonna get my hoverboard.
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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

AZPunk Guest DJs on ASU Radio 3/23 from 1-2PM

Listen live online @

AZPunk Guest DJs on ASU Radio 3/23 from 1-2PMThis morning, we received an email from Sarah Ventre, the music director of ASU's student radio station (KASC The Blaze 1330 AM) asking if AZPunk would like to take part in their guest DJ program running throughout the month of March. Our response was quick and firm; "HELL YES!!!" Chris and I are stoked to help out with this great opportunity for us to play some new local punk rock (and most likely some old favorites), and also be given a chance to talk about some big things in the works with AZPunk for 2010. And what IS it exactly that AZPunk has in store for the local punks of Arizona this year? A new compilation? New website features? Some massive musical rematch? We're not telling! Well, at least not until March 23rd at 1PM. If you're not by a radio, then you can listen online at Tune in punk!
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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

10 Free Innerweb Must-Have Resources for the Local Band

Useful tools that will help you get down to business

10 Free Innerweb Must-Have Resources for the Local BandEverybody is different when it comes to organizing the ins-and-outs of your band. For me, I've always been the detailed oriented guy who likes to keep info within arms reach (who said that drummers were the laziest people in the band anyway?). Luckily, the glorality of the innerwebs offers some kick ass tools for you to use for free. Sure, you already use the standard social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace (does anyone even still use MySpace besides us?), but what if you need to design a flyer and can't afford Photoshop? Or if you want to record a simple demo and don't have the cash to pay an engineer? Don't worry, AZPunk's got you covered. We've comprised a seriously resourceful list of 10 web tools that have been huge help to AZPunk in the past, and will no doubt make your band life a hell-of-a-lot more organized.

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Cut Throat DVD Release Show Review

PBRs and fire, shit gets heated!

Cut Throat DVD Release Show ReviewThe night was Friday February 26th and after an exhausting week at my job I was ready to let loose and have some fun. Thankfully I ditched out on the Pigeon John show at the Hidden House (I love hip hop, but the venue didn't seem fitting for such fine talent) and headed to Chasers to see mainly 2 acts. Bro Loaf and Cut Throat Freakshow's DVD release. Upon arriving, Chasers was filling up, I counted roughly 45 people around 9:45pm. I showed up kinda late with my good friend Funky Monkey. We caught the last 4 songs of the opening band, and due to last minute changes in the line up I have no idea who they were, but I think it was Canyon Animals. They did, however, have a piñata in the middle of what would have been the pit if the place had been packed. Inside the piñata was your normal, every day punk rock shenanigans. Some penis pills, rubber eyeballs, candy and other assortments. As for the band, they were alright, mostly screamo/metal with hints of punk, I am pretty sure at one point they covered a Misfits song, but I could be mistaken.
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