Tuesday, March 9, 2010

AZPunk Guest DJs on ASU Radio 3/23 from 1-2PM

Listen live online @ blazeradioonline.com

AZPunk Guest DJs on ASU Radio 3/23 from 1-2PMThis morning, we received an email from Sarah Ventre, the music director of ASU's student radio station (KASC The Blaze 1330 AM) asking if AZPunk would like to take part in their guest DJ program running throughout the month of March. Our response was quick and firm; "HELL YES!!!" Chris and I are stoked to help out with this great opportunity for us to play some new local punk rock (and most likely some old favorites), and also be given a chance to talk about some big things in the works with AZPunk for 2010. And what IS it exactly that AZPunk has in store for the local punks of Arizona this year? A new compilation? New website features? Some massive musical rematch? We're not telling! Well, at least not until March 23rd at 1PM. If you're not by a radio, then you can listen online at blazeradioonline.com. Tune in punk!
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