Friday, March 12, 2010

AZPX Records JFA/Dephinger Apache Split 7"

Bringin the shred to the Rez, and a record to a lucky winner

AZPX Records JFA/Dephinger Apache Split 7inFor eight years, AZPX Skateboards has been thrashing across the desert from border to boarder spreading the gospel according to griptape. AZPX Owner, Rob Locker - the brains behind the board, is continuing his mission on Saturday, March 27 at San Carlos Apache Boys & Girls Club Skatepark with AZPX's 5th Annual Apache Skate Blast and JFA/Dephinger Apache Split Release Show. This day-long skateboarding competition will complete with a good ol' fashioned Rez punk party featuring JFA, Dephinger and some of their friends celebrating the new Apache Split record. I sat down with Rob over the innernets to ask him some hard hitting questions about the record, geriatric skating and when the hell I'm gonna get my hoverboard.
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