Thursday, July 16, 2009

Local Stuff You Should Know #5

No rest for the local punk-hunter.

Local Stuff You Should Know #5Trying to keep up with the sheer awesomeness that splatters this state from border to border is a full time job. There is so much going on in the Arizona punk scene on a daily basis, that since we relaunched in April, there's maybe been one day that has been empty on our show calendar. And despite the daunting task of scanning the innerwebs for shows to populate the calendar with, there's a chance that something was going on that I just missed. That being said, it's hard for us to get EVERY show posted. If you know of something coming up that you don't see on the calendar, please post it! If you've got something you want to promote, let us know! We're still working on making comments possible, and tons of other stuff, but the promotional capabilities on AZPunk is alive and well! If you want to help, or if you've got shit you want to promote online (and we know you do), just shoot us an email and let's get it rollin!
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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Valley of the Scum #4 Preview

A quick peek at the latest issue

Valley of the Scum #4 PreviewI used to walk in to East Side Records every week, and anxiously ask "Do you have any local zines yet? Anything about local music?". The answer was always a disappointing "no". So T-Bird and myself said "Fuck it" and put out issue # 1 with the Love Me Nots. Since that first issue, a spark was lit. Now there's hordes of great things happening for Phoenix. More coverage, more zines, more websites, more everything! And here we are now about to put out our 4th issue for the month of July. People all over town have been asking "When is the next issue coming out? Where can I get it? Are you guys still around?". To all of those questions, here are the answers:
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Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Manor: A Clubhouse for Losers

House shows still dominate the underground in AZ

The Manor: A Clubhouse for LosersSince the dawn of Man, house shows have been the lifeline of true underground punk rock music. If you've never heard of them, or if their name is certain to generate some interest, chances are the bands playing at any given local house shows are worthy of your attention. Case in point, The Manor in Tempe is the left ventricle of the Arizona punk rock house show circulatory system. The guys who run/work/live at The Manor are also members of local punk bands like Higher Love, Lower Love and Standards, who coincidentally also populate some of the shows held there.
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Friday, July 3, 2009

AZKaos Zine #3 Preview

A quick peek at the latest issue

AZKaos Zine #3 PreviewTaking our cue and a page from the original SLASH magazine at the birth of the L.A. punk scene, AZ KAOS focuses on but not limited to Arizona bands, shows, films, photos, cd releases and music related concerns or topics. Our goal is to publish one issue a month. We are not attempting to "cover" the scene. Instead, AZ KAOS will give focus to bands and artists that we feel need attention, criticism or debate. This will not be a kiss ass "I like your band, you like mine" fanzine. Instead, like SLASH years ago, AZ KAOS will inject attitude, philosophy, criticism and belief in what we feel passionate about.
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