Monday, November 9, 2009

Local Stuff You Should Know #9

The OSS, Elders & The Tightholes

Local Stuff You Should Know #9The word "punk" gets thrown around a lot lately, a lot of the time when it probably has no business being used. It seems like often someone will tell me about some supposedly great punk band and it turns out that they basically have the tendencies of a rock band, but just sped up. Now that's fine, but that's not what attracted me about the genre, and I really don't know when punk turned into sped up Guns N' Roses riffs without the wank. I am not an elitist of any sort, but I can offer you a replacement for the played out whiskey rock camouflaged as punk that seems to be running rampant these days. I've been playing punk for about 14 years now, so I have seen local punk take many shapes. I have seen its ups and downs, maybe perhaps, I have even reached "old guy" status. Maybe I am not far from standing in darkened corners alone at shows talking about how I once saw Dystopia in the Nile basement. Uh, excuse the digression, my point is that currently the local scene is looking pretty promising. So without further ado, I now offer you a couple of local bands that capture what I know and love about punk.
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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Barred For Life @ Jugheads 11/7

Editorial team scouring North America in effort to document legacy of Black Flag, American punk rock

Barred For Life @ Jugheads 11/7This Saturday, November 7th, author Stewart Ebersole and a four-person editorial team will be stopping by Jugheads in an effort to document the legacy of Black Flag via their iconography in tattoo art. The band's logo, four staggered, parallel rectangles known simply as "The Bars", is one of the most enduring and vivid symbols of youth subculture, and lends its name to the title of his forthcoming book, Barred For Life. Ebersole and his team will be taking photos for his book while you and your friends beat each other to the sounds of Black Fag, and locals The Tightholes, and JJCNV. The following is the Barred For Life press release.
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